Serving Montrealers since 1998 with caring and compassion. So many people have come to appreciate the benefits of Osteopathic Medicine, whether it’s for chronic pain or acute pain – adults, children, pregnant mothers and the elderly all benefit from this dynamic medicine.

Our Motto

We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.

— A. T. Still

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Free street parking is available and we are just few minutes walk from the Outremont metro and buses.
Relax in our comfortable waiting room and at your scheduled time, you will be personally greeted and brought into our clinic for your treatment.

Our Features

Below you will find short informative articles to broaden your knowledge of osteopathy.

  • Helping The Body Heal Itself

    • The body is programmed to heal itself. But sometimes it gets stuck. Osteopathy has it’s own particular way of helping the body heal.

  • The Body is Always Multi-Tasking

    • What ever the body needs to get done, it prioritizes the tasks at hand. We know that survival is programmed into the body so if for example,

  • How Does Osteopathy Work?

    • How does osteopathy work? Since the work is so gentle and our hands are hardly moving,

  • Massage or Osteopathy?

    • The question often arises – Should I go for a massage? The answer takes a bit of insight. Here is my take on it.

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