• How Does Osteopathy Work?

    Osteopathy works in unique ways that distinguishes it from other types of therapy

    The work of an osteopath is very gentle. So gentle, that I am often get asked – what exactly are you doing? People feel that the work is so subtle that their curiosity is aroused and they wonder – How does osteopathy work? They feel better, but don’t know how they got there.

    Here’s An Illustration

    The body has an innate intelligence, it strives to nourish itself, repair itself and whenever there is an injury, it strives to protect itself.

    Not only on a conscious level do we protect our selves by being extra cautious – but even at an unconscious level, the body possesses a reflex to protect itself.

    Gentleness Wins Out

    There’s an ancient bit of wisdom that says:  Water is the most powerful of all things, because without effort it penetrates everything.

    Working Under The Radar

    During the many years of clinical practice I have witnessed this protective mechanism of the body. If for example, if I was to use force in trying to get beyond a muscle to an underlying injury, the body would immediately tense up and resist – making the work difficult and even impossible.

    On the other hand, working very gently and with respect, allows me to pass beneath the radar of the body and so the tissues let you in. You can accomplish so much more gentleness.

    To the outsider and even the patient, it appears that we are hard at work and concentrating, but our hands are hardly moving! “What are you doing?” I am often asked. Well now you have a better idea.


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