• Helping The Body Heal Itself

    Helping The Body Heal Itself



    The body is programmed to heal and repair itself 24/7.  Sometimes the body gets stuck and cannot go any further (like an itch you can’t scratch) and needs a helping hand. Enter the osteopath.  In effect, osteopathic treatment helps the body heal itself. I often tell my patients, that I don’t actually heal you, it’s your body that does all the work, I just provide opportunity.


    Compensations Are Solutions


    Here’s how it works.  When something gets stuck or out place the body creates a compensation as the best possible solution under the circumstances. In the simplest terms, the work of an osteopath is to find what is blocked and not moving properly in the body, be it a muscle, ligament, bone or organ and provide a means for the body to re-establish a better and more physiological movement.


    The Fulcrum 


    The method that I like to use most often is to create a fulcrum for whatever is blocked in the body.  How does this work? The body is continuously occupied with problems that it is trying to resolve and this takes energy. Lets take the example of a displaced sacrum. When my hand provides a support or fulcrum for this blocked sacrum, the body no longer needs to support it. In essence, my support replaces the bodies need to exert itself.  Therefore, it now has more energy to devote to correcting the problem. And this is what happens, the body re-organizes the tissues around the temporary fulcrum that I created allowing the healing to take place.


    Yes, the body heals itself with a little help from the osteopath!

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