• Can Stress Trigger Lower Back Pain?

    The short answer is yes. Stress can and often does trigger lower back pain and in fact many types of body pain. Sometimes the pain is a direct result of stress and other times it serves as a trigger. In either case, there are many good reasons for finding ways to manage stress.

    How to Manage Stress

    Here is the quagmire, most people suffering from lower back pain complicated or caused by stress, feel trapped in a stressful lifestyle and seem to be perpetually short of time, energy and motivation to get started on a regime of exercise, change of diet and lifestyle. The first crucial step is to find an approach that is convenient, costs little time and effectively works on managing stress.

    What Else Can You Do To Manage Stress

    Recently I have discovered a form of Bio-feedback that holds great promise for many people who suffer from lower back pain. The technology is called emWave or otherwise known as HeartMath. EMwave measures in real time the ‘Rate of Change of Heart Rate’ The heart rate is not a constant thing. Its’ rate of change can be measured between beats. HeartMath provides you with a heart rate sensor that clips to your ear and feeds data to your computer. This data is crunched in real time and displayed on your monitor.

    Here is where things become interesting. When the ‘Rate of Change in Heart Rate’ becomes constant and less erratic, the heart rhythm is said to ‘Coherent’Coherence is associated with feelings of well-being and calmness which lowers our stress hormones. Of course the opposite is also true, that is, an ‘Incoherent heart rhythm’ is often associated with of being stressed out.
    By thinking happy thoughts or by having positive emotions while using emWave, it becomes easier and easier to identify, intensify and prolong periods of Coherence. The software also has a training application that enhances ones ability to become Coherent. With practice, the user can mentally recall the feelings associated with Coherence at any time and induce it at will. What a great way to distress! With minimal training, significant results can be achieved in the comfort of your own home. Being less stressed can translate into less pain and more energy.

    HeartMath is not a panacea for all stress related problems. If you have chronic lower back pain or some underlying injury you need to get treated. Some people also need to lose weight, change their diet and make lifestyle changes to improve their health. But, emWave is a very useful tool to bring many people needed relief and to the point where they feel able to take additional steps to change their lives.
    The bottom line is, it’s easy, it works and is a great place to start making changes in life and that is why I have been recommending emwave to my patients.

    To learn more about HeathMath, click here: emWave
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