• 14 JAN 20
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    Ostéopathie, arthrite et douleurs hivernales

    Vous connaissez sans aucun doute une tante, un grand-père, une cousine, bref, quelqu’un de votre entourage qui arrive à prévoir la température extérieure simplement en se basant sur ses douleurs articulaires. Si de telles prédictions n’ont rien de scientifiques en soi et peuvent en laisser plus d’un sceptique, force est d’avouer que l’hiver constitue, pour

    • 20 DEC 19
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    Accidents, Injuries and Recovery During the Winter Months

    No matter what your opinion is of the cold weather, there is no denying that the Winter months can be a bit tough for everyone. Having to bundle up in order to go out, the commute to any destination is harder because to the icy conditions. Not only are the roads icy, but even your driveway

    • 07 JUL 16
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    Chiropractic Versus Osteopathy: No Reason To Fight!

    Here we go again! Chiropractic is definitely NOT Osteopathy. So then really, truly, what is a Osteopath? Many a patient has come in to me saying, “You’re not going to crack my neck or my back are you?” Or, “Don’t ask! I once went to this Chiropractor and he cracked my neck, and it let

    • 18 JUN 14
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    Are You Fit?

    What is Fitness? Fit for what is the question I like to ask. After all, there is no perfect definition of fitness because each activity requires its own type of body fitness. Swimmers develop their own specialized type of fitness just as joggers and weightlifters do. Every sport develops its own body characteristics.   So

    • 16 DEC 13
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    Temporomandibular Joint Pain

    Temporomandibular joint pain can be worse than the dental surgery Going to the dentist is hardly ever fun. Even more so when you get dental surgery. Thank goodness for anaesthetics! Yet the most difficult part of the surgery may not be the part the dentist performs. It can be the aftermath of his work. Lying

    • 12 DEC 13
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    Can Stress Trigger Lower Back Pain?

    The short answer is yes. Stress can and often does trigger lower back pain and in fact many types of body pain. Sometimes the pain is a direct result of stress and other times it serves as a trigger. In either case, there are many good reasons for finding ways to manage stress. How to Manage