• Chiropractic Versus Osteopathy: No Reason To Fight!

    Here we go again! Chiropractic is definitely NOT Osteopathy. So then really, truly, what is a Osteopath? Many a patient has come in to me saying, “You’re not going to crack my neck or my back are you?” Or, “Don’t ask! I once went to this Chiropractor and he cracked my neck, and it let

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  • What is Biofeedback?

    What is Biofeedback?

    What is Biofeedback and how can it help me? Bio-feedback can help you control pain and diminish stress which is an important first step towards implementing lasting solutions for chronic lower back pain or other types of body pain. In its simplest form, listening to your heart beat with a stethoscope is an example of Biofeedback.  You are getting feedback from an ‘involuntary

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