• Temporomandibular Joint Pain

    Temporomandibular joint pain can be worse than the dental surgery Going to the dentist is hardly ever fun. Even more so when you get dental surgery. Thank goodness for anaesthetics! Yet the most difficult part of the surgery may not be the part the dentist performs. It can be the aftermath of his work. Lying

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  • Can Stress Trigger Lower Back Pain?

    Can Stress Trigger Lower Back Pain?

    The short answer is yes. Stress can and often does trigger lower back pain and in fact many types of body pain. Sometimes the pain is a direct result of stress and other times it serves as a trigger. In either case, there are many good reasons for finding ways to manage stress. How to Manage

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  • Quality Food – What is it?

    Quality Food – What is it?

    In this article I discuss the idea that finding Healthy Food is a complex issue. And I argue that solving issues around acquiring healthy food is central to our well-being and requires research. Not doing so, can present genuine risks to our health that most people are unaware of. Many a time the problem people

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  • When Old Injuries Flaring Up Comes Back To Haunt You

    When Old Injuries Flaring Up Comes Back To Haunt You

    Have you ever hurt yourself, lets say you slipped and fell and although the injury was not serious, suddenly, you felt an old injury rearing its ugly head? You might ask, “Why am I feeling this old pain, I thought it was healed a long time ago?’ And in truth, it may well be the case that

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